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Company Name: ICreate Counseling Center (Mumbai)

Email ID: writetoicreate@gmail.com



Fatema Rexinewala

Since its inception ICreate Counseling Center has been very focused and sincerely determined to-wards helping individuals themselves create a better living. Also, help with better understanding and clarity on one's life goals and other personal concerns. We specifically focus of mental health counseling & therapy and vocational & psychological assessments for children and adults to cater to their various personal and professional issues. 
Our team is qualified and experienced to deal effectively with individuals of all age groups. Our flagship service is providing Career Assessment and Counseling for students, graduates and professionals. Our vision and mission is to help and enhance individuals living and also equip them to take care of the same. At ICreate you would experience a friendly and a warm atmosphere, professional services with100% confidentiality. We would soon enter into intensive training at different centers across India, of budding counselors for academic counseling and career counseling. 


Company Name: Inner Voice Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Email ID: jaikumar@innervoiceconsulting.in

Website: http://www.innervoiceconsulting.in


Jaikumar Chandrashekar

Inner Voice exists to bring individuals and organizations closer to their authentic purpose. We facilitate learning space to connect to one's inner wisdom through awareness and create meaningful impact for self and organizations. 
Jaikumar is the Founder - CEO of INNER VOICE with the passion to inspire leaders to find their true poten-tial and help them to connect deeper to their source of energy by challenging them to connect before leading and creating out of comfort zone leadership programs globally. 
Inner Voice started mainly works with the NGO's, microfinance institutions and youths of rural government colleges in activating their true purpose and help them realis it. Before starting his own venture, Jaikumar was the Managing Director of global consulting firm Better Future based out of Netherlands and New York. He was instrumental in setting up the Indian office and has worked with top MNC's and social enterprises globally. 


Company Name: MINDCOGS

Email ID: quiz@vinaymudaliar.in



Vinay Mudaliar

Mindcogs, India's fast-emerging Quiz venture, believe in 'Spreading Knowledge in an Engaging Way'. Conducts Quizzes, builds Knowledge-based solutions and tools for various genres across the country, spread across Schools, Colleges and Corporate Institutions. Termed as the most emerging and sought-after Quizmaster in India, Vinay Mudaliar is the youngest Quizmaster to conduct the prestigious CBSE National Heritage Quiz and also the youngest Quizmaster to conduct the National Finals of the ICSE and ISC Board Quiz. 
The main focus area of Mindcogs is, using Quizzing and various tools, to impart knowledge and bring in quizzing as a form of an alternative education tool in Schools. We build knowledge properties for Schools, Corporate Institutions, wherein they connect to their target audience via a Knowledge platform. Besides educational institutions, Mindcogs is also involved with Corporates in the education field and those that are looking to build their CSR Initiatives. What brings us immense happiness at Mindcogs is that we believe we can bring some change in a student's life and in overall education and knowledge development in children. 


Company Name: Purple Squirrel Eduventures Pvt Ltd

Email ID: sahibadhandhania@gmail.com



Sahiba Dhandhania

Founded in September 2013, Purple Squirrel Eduventures (PSQ) is India's largest online marketplace for industry exposure and supplementary education. With a mission to make practical and industry-driven education accessible to all, the SINE IIT Bombay incubated startup facilitates industry visits, workshops, and hands-on training for students across fields. The company is backed by India's leading venture capitalist firms Matrix Partners and India Quotient. 


Company Name: blissjunkies.com

Email ID: owner@blissjunkies.com

Website: http://blissjunkies.com


Bharath J Ambore

     Bharath J Ambore I Pavan Grandhim Year of Graduation: 2015

BlissJunkies.com, launched in 2015, is the ideal e-commerce marketplace where start-ups get to rub shoulders with big brands as they try getting a toehold in the world of online shopping. It offers the perfect platform that connects buyers with sellers. BlissJunkies.com has transformed e-shopping into a unique experience, maturing to become one of India's trendiest Startups, with a chic website that embraces simplicity and style. 
BlissJunkies is a team of makers, thinkers, explorers and creators. We're serious about delivering great services. Our main aim is to create meaningful connections for users through considered strategy and innovation in the digital space. BlissJunkies believes in attention to detail, interaction, collaboration and experimentation. 


Company Name: Paradigm Shift

Email ID: dhruvwashishth7@gmail.com

Website: http://www.paradigmshiftvr.com


Dhruv Washishth

Paradigm Shift is a Virtual Reality in Education startup, Incubated by Draper University. This SiliconVal-ley based startup plans to launch their product in India and the US in the next few months. 
His company 'Paradigm Shift' was selected by noted venture capitalist Tim Draper as the best Virtual Reality idea and his team won first place during the grand pitch competition day at the Draper University in San Francisco. 


Company Name: Artmonks Creative Monastery

Email ID: sumothsam@gmail.com

Website: http://www.artmonkscreative.com


Sumoth Sam

Artmonks is a Production House based in Bangalore, India, with a diversified and global focus. One of the fastest-growing names in the advertising and branding industry in South India. Artmonks success is attributed to innovative strategies executed by a team of talented, dedicated professionals with years of hands-on experience. 


Company Name: PressPlay TV

Email ID: care@pressplaytv.in

Website: http://www.pressplaytv.in


Anand Sinha

The company is India's first 'online + offline' independent OTT entertainment platform, and it offers high-quality, curated video content. What makes PressPlay TV easy to use is that users can access content both online and offline. PressPlay has also gone a step ahead and installed WiFi hotspots in long-distance buses, railway stations, trains, hospitals, hotels and other high-traffic areas. Here, users can stream videos for free or download files to watch later. They currently work with over 60 content creators and more than 300 distribution partners. 


Company Name: Urban Talkies

Email ID: ashmit93@hotmail.com

Website: http://www.facebook.com/urbantalkies1


Ashmit Budhiraja

We bring you moments, that make you laugh, sometimes cry, and invoke feelings that haven't been felt before. Urban Talkies produces viral videos for brands. Starting with a short film in Christ University, it recently produced a late-night film. After their first video, Ashmit Budhiraja was approached by a leading news channel to work with their digital division. Although he turned down the offer, it gave him the motivation to take things to the next level, but not at the cost of his brand. 


Company Name: GeekTrust.in

Email ID: founders@geektrust.in

Website: http://www.geektrust.in


Sneha Jain

If you can write brilliant code, Sneha Jain's GeekTrust.in is the place to check out. GeekTrust aims to help developers fulfill their true potential and kickstart a great career. The platform brings together employees with candidates and helps them explore available options. No resumes, no intermediaries. They find and curate great companies, and connect them with technologists who want to make a difference. They have worked with companies like ThoughtWorks, Altair and ESPNCricinfo.com and written code for over 50 projects. 
rnChrist University 


Company Name: Viewfindr

Email ID: viewfindrfilms@gmail.com

Website: http://www.viewfindrfilms.com


Neal Bafna

Passionate for moving pictures and stills, Viewfindr Films was founded in January, 2015 with a vision to attain a state of perfection, where the inner eyes sees the truth as we see the stories come alive. Today it's a little more than a dream for us as we aim to achieve creative storytelling one frame at a time. Our objective is to combine proprietary technology and create memorable characters that cater to audiences of all ages and nationalities. We are contemporary filmmakers crafting a new age drive of visual storytelling. Service we provide: AD Films I Corporate Films I Wedding Films I Live Events I Photography I Print Ad's I Editing I Production.


Company Name: Rootarts

Email ID: support@rootarts.com

Website: http://www.rootarts.com


Sanoop Np

An eCommerce website for selling organic spices and sustainable furniture across India. These spices are cultivated, grown and collected in the forests of the Western Ghats by the native tribal communities. 
When a customer shops from our website a portion of the purchase is donated for the social and economic uplifting of the tribal communities. Furniture is made on uncut tree roots seasoned and made strong by hundreds of years of growth.   The tribal craftsmen work on these roots few months to bring out the best sustainable products. 


Company Name: Urban Thela - Superfood Company

Email ID: mysuperfood@urbanthela.in

Website: https://gritnyoudotcom.wordpress.com


Avi Taatya

Urban Thela- Superfood Company founded in 2016 by Avi Taatya and his brother Anchal Taatya is the one and only superfood company in India which designs eclectic and titillating gourmet superfood to meet nutritional needs beyond normal food. Superfoods are highly nutrient dense food,loaded with vitamins,minerals,fibre,antioxidants, and phytonutrients. It is considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being. Both the brothers believe in healthy living and based on that vision, th


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