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ACHIEVEMENTS 2023 - 2024



Christ Pre University College, Bengaluru
HESP- History, Economics, Sociology, Political Science (Batch of 2002)
Christ College, Bengaluru
Degree - Mass Communication/Media Studies (Batch of 2005)


Blood Empires Wins The Platinum Award at Oregon International Festival for First-Time Film Director http://oregonfilmfestival.corn/2014-oregon-film-awards 
Blood Empires Wins The Diamond Award at California International Film Awards for Best Foreign Film https://calfilmawards.com/awards-side/2014-winners 

Blood Empires enters is first film festival - The Macabre Faire Film Festival, NY. At the MFFF 2015, Blood Empires get nominated for Best Cinematography, Best Costume, Best Supporting Actor and Best Poster. It wins Best Supporting Actor (Christopher Sawchyn) and Best Poster at the MFFF 2015

Blood Empires wins The Royal Reel Award for Fiat Time Film-Mak-er at the Canada International Film Festival httpslAmwcanadafilmfestival.com/2015 



Pawan Reley & Devesh Saxena

Pawan Reley
Degree - BA LLB (Batch of 2015)

Devesh Saxena
Degree - BA LLB (Batch of 2016)



The title of the book beginning from the word ludexeracy" may seem tocreate a slight mystification among the reader's mind, since it exists neitherin the cyberspace our in any of the thesaurus. However, etymologically it has touched two roots. The Latin pre. index-, judge and Greek suffix cracy (kit.) -, rule, make it "rule by the judges". ludexcracy (rule by the Judges) vs. Democracy (rule by the people), particularly focusing on the judicial appointments, itself reflects a scale of unparalleled history which still remains polemic in every comer where Justice prevails and also where it is yet to prevail. The shores are not silent even after the pronouncement of verdict on N.J.A.0 by the Apex Court M 2015 setting new records and raising more debates to some serious questions of law left unanswered. The book envisions to critically analyse this novel verdict and answers to some of the question of laws which were left unanswered. The work is a systematic anatomy of the constitutionality of N.J.A.C. from outposts which haven't been debated or discussed in the verdict itself and are unheard of with a whisper of wisdom. 




Degree - Bcom Honours (Batch of 2015)

About the Author: 

The words "Dreatns, Opinions, Expression and Society" describes Maoists B Shetty. He is a writer, who believes in the power of words. He is a thespian, who believes that "all world's a stage, and we are mere characters". (How well we play our roles, completely depends on us.) He is a poet, who believes in appreciating beauty in every atom around. He is a human being, who believes in 'existence-with-a-purpose' and cherishes the ideas of human relationships and values. 

To hunt down various philosophies, hidden in Indian traditional roots and to relate it to the modem way of living, interests him. 'lb read fiction and get lost in complexities of various characters and for a while to live those lives through those pages, excites him. To sit by the window in his bedroom, all alone and ask himself, "How lass?" liberates him. To discuss and debate about revolution and society, inspires him. To meet new people and bring a smile on their faces brings a sense of accomplishment to him.'To realise my imperfection and understand my shortcomings; to cry at times when I feel low; to ask help when I feel stuck and to aINN ays make an effort to learn, makes me feel alive and human just like you." 



Joseph J Jose

BCom (2010)

Book Authored : Buried Thoughts

Here Joseph is narrating his own life experiences with staggering honesty and you feel that you are a part of the plot.

About the book: 

Each person's life is a grand sum of a thousand tales, told and untold, with its uphills and downhills and with its bleakness. and magnificence. Here, Joseph is narrating his own life experiences with staggering honesty and you feel that you are a part of the plot. They speak to us of love, remembrance, mistakes and hope that motivate us to re-examine our lives and find meaning in it. With the tum of each page, the author gives off a sensation that no matter how dark dusk is, dawn is always waiting at the end of the horizon. However, his writing will captivate you till the end and force you to bring back the memories you have buried alive under the slab called "Life." 

Buried Thoughts 
One life, many stories Joseph K Jose 




Degree - Bcom Professional (Batch of 2015)

About the book: 

"Have you ever felt that the flowers, the skies, the world around you has become more colorful? Or ever felt that your day is always incomplete without seeing that special someone at least once? Some day or the other you would have definitely seen someone frosts whom you can't take your eyes off and your heart would have whispered to you "Look ! S/he's the one". It might be that you are having sleepless nights and all that stays in your mind is that special person's thoughts. Or is it that you are having a tough time trying to forget that someone? Well if you pictured anyone in your mind on any of the above questions, then, my friend you too are a victim - A victim of love. 
Love is a word that every young heart in today's world can relate to and brings with it 'feelings' - both good and bad, happiness, pain and soo much more. 'Lafz... Dil Se' (Words... from the Heart) is a poetic attempt to combine and present these feelings." 




Member Youth Parliament of Sri Lanka (MYP)
Christ University, Bengaluru
MA English (Batch of 2014)

Christ University takes immense pride in congratulating Ebenezer Seeman Veerasingham on his remarkable achievement at being elected at the Member of Youth Parliament of Sri Lanka(MYP). The Youth Parliament of Sri Lanka is the platform for the highest level of discussions and debates on issues related with the youth of the country. It also a place where plans for the future are drafted and necessary amendments are made. The members are also chosen to be the representatives of the Sri Lankan Youth at various International forums, bodies and committees. 



Christ University, Bengaluru,
Degree - Communication & media, English, Psychology
Batch of 2016


Shani is a bilingual dark comedy short Film from Imaginarium Pro-ductions. Shani means both Saturday and bad luck in both Malayalam and Kannada. The story follows three protagonists as they embark on one night of bad decisions. What follows is a cautionary tale that none of them will forget: A Saturday stricken by Bad Luck. . The film offers subtle commentary on issues like the penetration of Television and other mass media and alcoholism among the youth. 

SHANI won the Short Film Festival at Media Meet 2016, Breaking the 4th wall, a National Media Seminar on Cinema.

A cinephile and writer who started making films whilst in college, Mr. George aspires to be a director and has directed, written and edited 8 short films to date. His films have won awards at various national-level short film festivals. He is currently pursuing an MBA whilst working on his next project. His work can be found at https://w.youtube.corn/user/arungrg222 From Left Amith Nag (alumnus, PEP 2016) , Charan, Krishna Bhat (alumnus, Psy Hons. 2016), Arun George (alumnus, CEP 2016), Brigitta (alumnus, B.Com Hons. 2016), Freddy, Siddarth, Diljit (alumnus, JPEng 2016) 



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